PVA Refill Tub 25 Meter

Hersteller Castaway PVA
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25 Meter Nachfülldose in 18/25/35mm
inkl. MwSt: 14,99 €

25m Refill Tubs of Castaway PVA mesh is the most value for money PVA we sell. The same British made quality as all the rest, just in BULK and should keep you topped up for a while (unless you’re catching plenty of fish).  Just remove the desired amount of pva mesh you want to use and proceed to refill your Castaway PVA System or tube. SIMPLE!!

- Perfect for large Sticks and Bait Parcels

- Anti Ladder

- Fast Melt (30s/60s)

- Great for all Depths & colder water

- No Residue

- ECO Friendly